Rating Endorsement

A type rating held on a third-country ICAO licence may be transferred to an EASA licence provided the rating is current. Our team has vast experience assisting pilots in transferring ratings and provide support throughout the process.

Entry Requirements

3rd country ICAO licence:

  • Valid type rating (LPC)
  • In current flying practise on type
  • 500 hours logged on type

EASA licence:

  • Full EASA ATPL or CPL with ATPL theory & MCC
  • Valid Class 1 medical
  • Instrument Rating (valid or expired less than 7 years)

Once we have established that a rating transfer can take place, we will carry out a Licence Skill Test, including a comprehensive briefing package to prepare yourself fully. On the day, our examiner will handle all the required documentation for the authority, freeing you from this complicated task. We also provide a comprehensive flight planning package for you on the day, thus boosting your situational awareness during the check.

If a type rating has expired we will evaluate whether refresher training can be undertaken, in order to satisfy the requirements for endorsement:

  • Total flying experience
  • Experience on type to be endorsed
  • Experience on other aircraft type(s)
  • Date of last flight
  • Date of last LPC/IR
Where an Endorsement Skill Test is not possible, we will create a personalised refresher program will be designed meet the training requirement, at minimal cost.

Documentation Support

Licence endorsement isn't just about the skill test. National licensing authorities all have specific requirements which must be complied with before and during the proficiency check, and also when submitting licence paperwork. We research applicable national differences to EASA regulations and apply them to the proficiency check or training package.

Once the skill test is complete we will send the required paperwork to the authority. As some EASA countries have slightly different procedures for processing and acknowledging LSTs, we follow every Skill Test all the way until the paperwork and license is concluded.

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